Jonathan Gilligan 2019-12-21


This package loads Kaya-identity data, synthesized from several sources.

To install the package from CRAN:


Once you’ve installed it, then you just need to use the command library(kayadata) to load the package.

Some of the functions the package provides are:

  • plot_kaya: Plot trends in Kaya variables for a given region or country. Example:

world_kaya = get_kaya_data("World")
plot_kaya(world_kaya, "P", start_year = 2000, stop_year = 2010, log_scale = FALSE,
          trend_line = FALSE)

* get_fuel_mix: Get the fuel mix (coal, gas, oil, nuclear, and renewables) for a region or country. Example:

  • plot_fuel_mix: Plot the fuel mix in a donut chart

After you install the package, you can get more help inside RStudio by typing help(package="kayadata") in the R console window.

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